About PMU

What is Pyroman University?

Pyroman University (PMU) has been reborn, mostly for preservation.  PMU was a popular fan site dedicated to Golden Sun, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy.  It featured a collaborative community Forum, game walkthrough and guides, fan fiction, editorials and articles, fan art and media, an early Internet Jukebox (before video and audio streaming was popular and bandwidth-friendly), Bowser’s Column, and more.

In PMU’s heyday, it reached an astonishing 10,000 unique visitors daily.

PMU was online May 8, 2002 and existed until about summer 2010.  A targeted cyber attack at PMU’s host in 2010 brought the Web site offline.  I lost everything.

Now in 2023, I wanted to bring PMU back online.

Who is the webmaster?

The webmaster is Pyroman131.  Or P131 for short.  Pronounced “Pea One Thirty One”.

PMU was a project I started because I loved computers, video games, and the internet.  I always wanted to have my own fan Web site dedicated to my favorite video game franchises.

I was school-aged when I created PMU.  Due to the hack, PMU was offline from 2010 through 2023 – 13 years.

I always had the idea of bringing PMU back, and the fact that its 13 years later sort of solidified it for me that it was time.

What can you expect to find here?

I’m an adult now with many aduilt responsibilities.  I do not have the time to dedicate to PMU solely to bring it back to its former glory.  The internet is also much different now, so fan sites have no chance of being popular destinations.  However, I couldn’t care less about how many people visit PMU today.  I’m hoping to make something unique that not only I will enjoy, but perhaps a few others too.

I wanted to preserve this fan site project that was so personal to me.

While I am still planning what I want PMU to be, do not expect this site to be “Your source for everything Golden Sun and The Legend of Zelda!” anymore.  Instead, I’m thinking of content creation.

PMU is back in its infancy stages. I have none of my former data that was erased from the internet when my host was hacked in 2010.  I lost all the content, all my work, and it was devastating.  Even my domain name was sold off.  I had no backups to restore.  PMU died in 2010.

What’s next for PMU?

Me, being an avid gamer, am considering branching into “Let’s Play” style content creation and might be recording and preserving games I’ve played.  I expect that will find its way embedded here.

I am not sure if I will bring back features like “Bowser’s Column” or internet forums again, but I will consider and research how to bring back fan collaboration/fandom in the Web 3.0 world that is social media.

I brought PMU back online on January 21, 2023.  I don’t have a roadmap, but I have some plans in the back of my mind that I’ve been thinking about for years.  Some of that may be realized.  But for now, PMU will be considered an infant once again.