Our old slogan was “Like fire? Like video games? That’s all you need to know.” Yeah, it’s immortalized on The slogan is a bit anachronistic these days. <(^_^)> Just like this Kirby.
PMU was a fan site dedicated to Golden Sun and The Legend of Zelda. Now it is the evolution of that, and my love of gaming. Take a look around and see for yourself!

Game Franchises

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Game Franchises

Perhaps you’ve played them before?

Golden Sun

A 20 year old RPG by Camelot and Nintendo. This cult-classic series of three games featured a stellar cast of characters on an adventure to restore the world and balance the planet’s Psynergy through Alchemy.

The Legend of Zelda

My first exposure into real gaming was “A Link to the Past” in the 1990s. This beloved franchise features an overarching story about the gods, a Golden Power that can grant the holder’s wishes, a Princess, a hero, and an evil tyrant. A curse in this series spans such that the tyrant will exist for eternity, and the hero and Princess will be reborn to clash with the tyrant in perpetuity. Also it’s got dungeons and stuff.

Final Fantasy

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